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7 Best Looking Casinos in Las Vegas Nevada

Las Vegas is arguably the most facilitated and enjoyable gambling grounds
famous for its wide selection of casinos. Most of the casinos in Las Vegas
Nevada are stunningly designed to appeal in looks and also to create the most
interesting gambling experiences for gamblers. With the wide range of casinos
to select from in Vegas, the architecture, interior design and decor as well
as features are quite competitive around the Strip with each joint seeking to
remain the best looking casino in Las Vegas. Today, most casinos are attached
to a hotel to make gambler’s stay much easier. It’s no doubt that the Las
Vegas Nevada Strip is home to some of the best looking casinos in the world.
Here are some of the best looking casinos in Las Vegas Nevada.

1. The Bellagio

Measured to be at least 159,760 square feet in size, the Bellagio is the
fourth largest land based casino in Las Vegas located in the Strip. It is a
classy piece of architecture and has top-notch modern features with fancy
restaurants that draw a lot of attention to it. The joint features some of the
most famous poker rooms in Vegas and houses a huge, lavish and luxuriant
casino that is a pure definition of extravagance and comfort. Any gambler
would be fascinated with the experience that comes with spending time in the

Bellagio casino.

2. Venetian Palazzo

The stunning Venetian is considered to be the largest land casino in Las Vegas
measured to be about 243,684 with the adjoining Palazzo casino in regard. The
Venetian is a beautiful and opulent looking casino ground that has phenomenal
and high-end features which are refreshing and attractive to the eyes. Its
connection to the Palazzo creates an opportunity for gamblers to sample both
exciting casino grounds without much movement. The Palazzo just like the
Venetian has a large gaming floor and a finely designed pool area called Azure
that is common with most of its visitors. Both the Venetian and the Palazzo
have fantastic casino grounds that are comfortable and spacious for gambling

3. Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino

Caesars is a show stopper when it comes to architecture. It is absolutely
gorgeous and is decorated with breathtaking fountains and statues that
distinctively define class and opulence. The scenery that Caesars Palace
presents is far from ordinary and undoubtedly remarkable. The joint is highly
focused on gaming and has a very large casino area. It also has a really fancy
pool that is huge and decorative making it fun to be around.


4. Aria Resort & Casino
Everything about Aria breathes sophistication and class. Its features are some
of the most modern and sleek designs that will blow anyone who visits away.
Its rooms are quite tech-savvy and are designed in ultra-modern features that
greatly enhance the overall look and feel of the place. Aria is obviously a
stunner with high end gaming features like the large, luxurious casino area
and a popular poker room called ‘The Ivey Room’. The admirable work of art is
a model of beauty that you wouldn’t want to miss if you are a sucker for

5. Mandalay Bay


Filled with an array of entertainment venues, the Mandalay Bay is a deep work
of art that offers a grand look and feel to its visitors. The structure has
about 3,300 rooms and features impeccable interior designs with attractive
floor tiling and other exotic features. The joint has a huge casino with a
large floor with very pleasant decor and an eclectic crowd that will cheer you
up throughout your stay at the casino. Mandalay is definitely a cool and
comfortable place to enjoy a good game and maybe sit and relax in the pool
area and also sample the variety of restaurants in it.


6. Wynn Las Vegas

Wynn is also one of the most spectacular hotel casinos in Las Vegas. It has
remarkable décor and the views from the top floors are absolutely beautiful.
Wynn Encore has amazing interior design features with coffered ceilings and
canopies that bring out excellent effects. The Wynn Las Vegas boasts an
excellent buffet area in its hotel that gamers can use to fill themselves
after a good game. The overall look and feel of the casino is a blend of
creativity and luxury that comes with refined features. This makes Wynn one of
the best looking casinos in Las Vegas Nevada.

7. The Cosmopolitan

This one is another modern, classy and sophisticated casino that brings out
the goodness of the nightlife. Its sweepingly beautiful facilities and
friendly staff make it a very popular casino but the best part of it is the
view of the Strip displayed through the floor-to-ceiling glass walls that
create a unique gaming experience not found in the other casinos in the Strip.
The casino also boasts a new High Limit Slot Lounge that offers gamers slot
machines which have the most updated technology.

Top 5 High End Restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip

You’d expect that such a city as Las Vegas with moolah sloshing around would have the best restaurants in the world. On the off chance that you are planning to travel to there, there are many restaurant options, but just like any other city with excellent restaurants, some would surpass the rest with their edge cutting services and yummy meals. Perhaps the difference could be brought about by the employees. It depicts that some have chefs and cooks that have a vast knowledge and expertise in the area and the food they make would make you a regular visitor. Here’s a roundup of what are some of the best restaurants therein.

1. Restaurant Guy Savoy.

This is one of the biggest French restaurants in town. Since people go to the restaurants for food, they would be devastated to the core if they do not find it delicious. The food in the restaurant are rarely less than perfect and are cooked in a way that would meet your needs. It is one of the best evidenced by the fact that its wine list is the best not only in breadth but also in depth. The wine therein is filled with trophies from the cellar in Paris as well the world’s best selection. No matter what you would order, you can be assured that the food from this restaurant would be delicious. The food is what made it earn a three Michelin stars in Paris and two here in Las Vegas. The most served meals at the restaurant include oyster en glee which is made from fresh kumamotos served by the top notch employees.

2. Bar Masa.

This is the best place to go whenever you want Shushi or sashimi especially when someone else is paying because the food is yummy and would make you exhaust your money on them. The ingredients used to prepare the meals are flown as raw materials from Japan; they would then be cooked by chefs and cooks that have expertise in developing the meal. Well, it depends on the depth of your pocket, whether you would like a $25 piece of Toro or the others that are sold at more than $30. Hairy-crab salads are among some of the best meals therein, and if you happen to pass by, I’m sure you would love to go back for more. Although the place looks more like a gymnasium, let your worries and hunger be drowned away by the shrimp, and white fish sampling platter.
3. Picasso

This is one of the most devoted destination restaurants, it is colorfully made to fit the demands of the new age. It was beautifully designed by word class engineers. It is a define place where you can visit for various meals. International qualified chefs are employed to offer a mouth-watering delicacies that are aimed at making its clients pay a visit to this esteem destination once again. Julian Serrano’s Cal meditarenian cooking has made him two Michelin stars due to following foodies that have the sweetest Nantucket scallops. Various types of wine from various reputable wine manufacturers are all assembled here to give the client a suitable and a resting place. Menu price has been carefully made to fit every individual that pay a visit this masterpiece restaurant of all time.

4. Le Cirque

This executive restaurant I designed to meet the ever rising demands of various individuals who are dedicated to discovering the best in restaurant service. It is a place where you can’t help stepping your foo of due its sweet delicacies. The sweet aroma from the kitchen is the driving force that makes you bound inside this enchanting place. It the modern place equated with the current development in hotels across the world. Classic Le Cirque lobster salad is among the food that graces the whole event I this hotel room. Various drinks such as vodka are available to make sure the living room is well behaved to those beer lovers. Welcoming service attendant are present to offer a warm welcome to the clients giving them the best services. Music from various soundtracks from all over every corner of this massive building gives the occupants a strong intimate sensation with each other. It is a premier destination for all.

5. Estiatorio Milos

This is one of the word class destination centers that gathers invidious, corporate society for a tasty and superb meals. It is highly decorated to give a pleasant room for every individual. A two page menu is at a standstill to give directions of the one of the tasty meals offered at this restaurant. Its serene surrounding is an ideal for those wishing to carry out corporate meeting. Couple too have not been left behind, there is a classic room for them to share on their affairs. It is the safest places one can book for a design and classic places to be always. Various meals have been assembled to give the customers a wide variety to choose from. the arrival of every new delicacy is updated every time to give the hotel anew look very time a visitor comes .the rooms are large enough to accommodate a large number of customers in. qualified chefs are employed to make sure that all is well with the client. The rooms are tidy and properly arranged give a crystal clears look. Various colors have been blende to come up with a final touch of clear that sends a remarkable outstanding presentation to every visitor that knocks in at this place.

Best Escort Agencies in Las Vegas

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How interesting is this? Wait. There’s more, because the quote continues in saying:

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More Tips for the Wise

That’s interesting. Do you want to know what is also uniquely interesting? This page continues, and with this last quote I finish my point:

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If they’re in the public sector in the hospitality industry, such as waitressing, bartending, possessing, that sort of thing, easy enough, just not mention where, obviously. But if they are doing something that requires more discretion, they may not want to put it out there.

Finding a primary, or in some cases, secondary position from escorting, is like anything else. Look for what you’re interested in, what you’re passionate about, where your talents, both forefront and hidden ones lay. Then take the steps to peruse them.
I can see why you ask, because like all professions, nothing lasts, and where do we go, what do we do when this one ends? Not everyone makes a nice nest egg for themselves, is lucky to find someone to ‘take care’ of them, or win a lottery, etc.

Some Personal Experience

I am kind of disgruntled to be honest. I had $700 in my pocket, so I decided to get a hotel and I was going to book an escort. Well, when I approached the hotel, it was an old Asian guy behind the counter– don’t get me wrong I’m not saying all Asians are like this, but a certain type, these super squeaky clean cut, Uber conformist my-shit-don’t-stink type, hard-working crude (often times underhanded) business man types, the Asian-American business owner type. The moment he seen I had long hair and tattoos he already had it in for me.

My gut told me to turn away as soon as I seen him but I ignored my gut, well right after I get the room, he tells me about “no visitors” and this shit… He was paranoid about cops (as many of these types are, they are also snitches). Knowing how paranoid this guy was made me paranoid, I didn’t go through with it because for all I know he has hidden cameras in the room… About half an hour after booking the room, I returned the key, and was telling me about the difficult scenarios that could arise….

The lesson I learned from this is: when booking a hotel to call an escort, never book the hotel if the person behind the counter is the Asian-American business owner types. They are clearly more stereotypically white than stereotypically white people. As a matter of fact (as a white guy myself) I haven’t known very many white people who fit that stereotype, but a whole hell of a lot of Asian-American business owners in Las Vegas are like that.

Cab fares ran me roughly another $50 so now I am set back a ways. I don’t like being broke after an escort date, I want to leave with at least a good $200 still in my wallet. I’m not saying all Asians are like this.