7 Best Looking Casinos in Las Vegas Nevada

Las Vegas is arguably the most facilitated and enjoyable gambling grounds
famous for its wide selection of casinos. Most of the casinos in Las Vegas
Nevada are stunningly designed to appeal in looks and also to create the most
interesting gambling experiences for gamblers. With the wide range of casinos
to select from in Vegas, the architecture, interior design and decor as well
as features are quite competitive around the Strip with each joint seeking to
remain the best looking casino in Las Vegas. Today, most casinos are attached
to a hotel to make gambler’s stay much easier. It’s no doubt that the Las
Vegas Nevada Strip is home to some of the best looking casinos in the world.
Here are some of the best looking casinos in Las Vegas Nevada.

1. The Bellagio

Measured to be at least 159,760 square feet in size, the Bellagio is the
fourth largest land based casino in Las Vegas located in the Strip. It is a
classy piece of architecture and has top-notch modern features with fancy
restaurants that draw a lot of attention to it. The joint features some of the
most famous poker rooms in Vegas and houses a huge, lavish and luxuriant
casino that is a pure definition of extravagance and comfort. Any gambler
would be fascinated with the experience that comes with spending time in the

Bellagio casino.

2. Venetian Palazzo

The stunning Venetian is considered to be the largest land casino in Las Vegas
measured to be about 243,684 with the adjoining Palazzo casino in regard. The
Venetian is a beautiful and opulent looking casino ground that has phenomenal
and high-end features which are refreshing and attractive to the eyes. Its
connection to the Palazzo creates an opportunity for gamblers to sample both
exciting casino grounds without much movement. The Palazzo just like the
Venetian has a large gaming floor and a finely designed pool area called Azure
that is common with most of its visitors. Both the Venetian and the Palazzo
have fantastic casino grounds that are comfortable and spacious for gambling

3. Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino

Caesars is a show stopper when it comes to architecture. It is absolutely
gorgeous and is decorated with breathtaking fountains and statues that
distinctively define class and opulence. The scenery that Caesars Palace
presents is far from ordinary and undoubtedly remarkable. The joint is highly
focused on gaming and has a very large casino area. It also has a really fancy
pool that is huge and decorative making it fun to be around.


4. Aria Resort & Casino
Everything about Aria breathes sophistication and class. Its features are some
of the most modern and sleek designs that will blow anyone who visits away.
Its rooms are quite tech-savvy and are designed in ultra-modern features that
greatly enhance the overall look and feel of the place. Aria is obviously a
stunner with high end gaming features like the large, luxurious casino area
and a popular poker room called ‘The Ivey Room’. The admirable work of art is
a model of beauty that you wouldn’t want to miss if you are a sucker for

5. Mandalay Bay


Filled with an array of entertainment venues, the Mandalay Bay is a deep work
of art that offers a grand look and feel to its visitors. The structure has
about 3,300 rooms and features impeccable interior designs with attractive
floor tiling and other exotic features. The joint has a huge casino with a
large floor with very pleasant decor and an eclectic crowd that will cheer you
up throughout your stay at the casino. Mandalay is definitely a cool and
comfortable place to enjoy a good game and maybe sit and relax in the pool
area and also sample the variety of restaurants in it.


6. Wynn Las Vegas

Wynn is also one of the most spectacular hotel casinos in Las Vegas. It has
remarkable décor and the views from the top floors are absolutely beautiful.
Wynn Encore has amazing interior design features with coffered ceilings and
canopies that bring out excellent effects. The Wynn Las Vegas boasts an
excellent buffet area in its hotel that gamers can use to fill themselves
after a good game. The overall look and feel of the casino is a blend of
creativity and luxury that comes with refined features. This makes Wynn one of
the best looking casinos in Las Vegas Nevada.

7. The Cosmopolitan

This one is another modern, classy and sophisticated casino that brings out
the goodness of the nightlife. Its sweepingly beautiful facilities and
friendly staff make it a very popular casino but the best part of it is the
view of the Strip displayed through the floor-to-ceiling glass walls that
create a unique gaming experience not found in the other casinos in the Strip.
The casino also boasts a new High Limit Slot Lounge that offers gamers slot
machines which have the most updated technology.

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